The enrolment process is personal at Andale

Many students come to Andale with a specific learning difficulty. Other students have experienced social or learning challenges in a mainstream environment. We recognise how vulnerable and daunting these circumstances can be. Everybody is different. At Andale, we tailor each student’s transition to our school so that it is welcoming, supportive, and effective.

Step 1

Call or email us to begin the enrolment process. We encourage you to book a tour, arrange a
meet-and-greet with our Principal, ask questions and discover more about what makes Andale unique.

Step 2

A follow-up visit can be arranged for your child, followed by trial visits. During this time your child may spend time within a class. A trial visit helps us get to know your child, their needs and developmental requirements. You can use this time to determine if Andale is suitable for you and your child.

Step 3

We then work with you to better understand your child’s strengths, interests, and learning needs. Together, we develop an Individual Learning Plan, addressing your child’s short and long-term goals.


How can I learn more about the school?

You can learn more about Andale School by calling or emailing and arranging a tour. You can then ask questions specific to your child’s needs and see the school in operation.

What are the school fees?

Andale is an independent school. School fees are currently $3,740 per term.

Who does the school cater for?

Andale School supports students experiencing language and learning difficulties. The school addresses learning needs through the provision of Individual Learning Plans. Many students come to Andale because their learning needs cannot be met in their current education setting.

How many students are in each class?

On average, classes have 8 students each. Small class sizes allow teachers to spend time with each student during each lesson. Our specialist and support staff actively support the learning programs in each class.

How are the classes made up?

Students are graded by age in small multi-aged classes. Social and emotional needs are also considered when developing class groups.

Does the school have a uniform?

Yes. The uniform brings a sense of school pride and helps the students to be ready for the school day.

Does the school have behavioural expectations of its students?

Yes. Students are expected not to distract other learners. The school supports students in a positive and encouraging environment. Many behaviours of concern are resolved through the provision of an appropriate learning program. Students gain self-esteem and confidence, which leads to improved engagement and learning outcomes.

What are the school hours?

School runs from 9.00am - 3.00pm. Students are supervised from 8.30am. Students may also attend our Kids Club which runs until 5.30pm each day.

Please contact us if you have further questions.

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