Established in 1981 and nestled in the friendly suburb of Kew, Andale School is an inclusively independent learning environment. We support children with language and learning challenges who aren’t reaching their full potential in a mainstream environment. We focus on sensory motor, language, literacy and numeracy skills development.

Our differences are what makes Andale unique, for our students and our entire school community.

Andale School embraces curiosity, courage, creativity and character through an active, customised learning program tailored to each student’s needs. Our unique learning program develops independence, adaptability, resilience, confidence and much more. We empower our students with the courage to be themselves and the skills to thrive.

We value diversity, authenticity, equality and respect. We are inclusively independent.

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Be yourself.
Everybody else is already taken.

Oscar Wilde


About Andale

At Andale School we know that each child is a unique learner. Our learning programme enhances each student’s development, engaging them as learners and encouraging curiosity, resourcefulness, independence, and responsibility. We believe that the development of academic skills is interdependent with the development of social, emotional, and cognitive skills.

We recognise and acknowledge the deep skills and invaluable expertise of our teachers, specialist teachers, allied health professionals and education support staff. Regular communication within our interdisciplinary team supports the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development of our students. Our passionate and skilled teachers adapt materials, strategies, activities, and expectations to enable our students to reach their potential. Our school is unique in the Melbourne education landscape. We would be proud and delighted to share it with you.

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Our school is founded on three cornerstones: Growth. Community. Environment.
This foundation enables us to create a holistic and inclusive learning environment that extends beyond the classroom.
With this as our basis, we can expand and evolve towards a sustainable and ambitious future.

Environment: Junior Class
Our school provides an optimal learning environment for young learners. The environment is established to support individual learners and takes into consideration student interests, strengths and needs.

Growth: Middle Class
As our students enter the second phase of their learning journey, the emphasis is on growth, building on their early learning. Students increase their independence and understand their role as learners.

Community: Senior Class
Our students incorporate their skills and knowledge with a focus on their role in the community. They take greater responsibility as leaders in the school community and look to find their place in communities beyond Andale.

Message from
the president

Thank you for your interest in Andale School and visiting our website.

We often hear that learning is a journey. But we also know that the journey can be incredibly challenging for children with language and learning difficulties. For parents and carers of children with unique learning needs, it can be daunting to choose an education that not only meets the child’s needs but also helps them thrive.

Andale education is empowering and inclusive. Andale builds confidence, independence, and a genuine sense of belonging. The individual learning plans and collaboration between students, families, and teachers result in great learning outcomes.

Please take your time to view our website and discover what is unique about an Andale Education. You will find stories from children who have found their path at Andale. I encourage you to read these, as they show how Andale creates a personalised learning environment where every child can be themselves.

Our Andale School Educators and Staff are dearly loved by our students, Families and our community. They are expert specialist learning teachers, and we are proud to say, love coming to Andale each and every day, supporting our students and families alike. As well we have very committed and fantastic extracurricular specialists in areas such as Karate, Swimming and Music. On behalf of the Andale School Council, I would like to thank them all.

Over the years, Andale School has established wonderful connections and involvement with the local community, businesses and schools. Our students regularly engage in activities either at Andale or offsite with Xavier College and Ruyton Girls’ School and we appreciate their involvement with Andale.

The Andale School Council is a passionate and committed team; our complementary experiences and skills are focussed on positive outcomes for the children of Andale. I gratefully acknowledge the council for volunteering their time and strategic insights to support Andale both now and for our future students and families.

Andale School provides a terrific support and learning environment for our Son to flourish. It is with pride that I can say our family is part of the Andale Community. I welcome you contact to school on 03 9853 3911 or andaleschool@andale.vic.edu.au for more information, to arrange a tour or if you would like to offer your support to our exceptional school.

You are Andale, I am Andale, We are Andale.

Murray Nicol, President


The inspiring results of a motor sensory exercise program, run by the ANSUA Centre, laid the foundations for Andale School. In 1981, ANSUA created a primary school for children so that they could be taught at their own level, without mainstream expectations. With just 12 students, Andale School was formed. In 1987 Andale moved to the family-friendly suburb of Kew. Since 1997, the Uniting Church has generously leased us our beautiful school grounds.

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We are a small, nimble urban school nestled in the calm and leafy suburb of Kew. A not-for-profit school, Andale has a strong network of support from local and government bodies which helps us evolve and develop our school community.

Our future is exciting; one which supports the personal growth of our students and the sustainable growth of our community. We look forward to seeing our school community thrive for generations to come.

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Students of Andale

Andale students are the heart of our community – they are courageous, extraordinary, and diverse. Our students range from 5 to 13 years of age and commonly have challenges with:

  • Auditory processing
  • Language comprehension
  • Following written and verbal instructions
  • Short term auditory memory
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Attention and concentration
  • Confidence and self-esteem

Everybody is different. Some students come to Andale with a specific learning difficulty; they start their schooling receiving the specialised support they need. Other students come to Andale after experiencing social or learning challenges in a mainstream setting.

At Andale, we tailor each student’s transition to our school so that it is welcoming, supportive, and effective. Our unique education program enables our students to thrive, and to achieve what they may have thought was impossible.

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Teachers of Andale

Our teachers are incredibly passionate and skilled educators who are highly trained in Special Education. Andale teachers understand that learning orientation and styles differ greatly, and they apply diverse teaching methods to engage and enrich learning. Andale teachers know that each student is extraordinary, and that each student can learn. Andale teachers empower our students and help them to see themselves as successful learners.

Cathy Clark
Acting Principal
Talitha Crawford
Class Teacher - Senior Class
Cathy Clark
Class Teacher - Middle Class
Ruth Cornell
Class Teacher - Junior Class
Diana Green
Specialist Teacher
Martika Cetinich
Performing Arts Instructor

Allied Health Staff

Andale School provides speech therapy, psychology, and occupational therapy services to students. These services can be accessed individually or in the classroom to support student engagement and learning.

Our school psychologist provides psychological and academic assessments as well as support for students and families.

Our speech pathologist provides programs for individuals, small groups and class groups focusing on:

  • Phonological awareness and literacy skills
  • Receptive language
  • Expressive language
  • Speech skills
  • Communication and social interaction skills
  • Fluency
  • Eating skills
Bianca Holzer
School Psychologist
Kezia Curwen
School Speech Pathologist
Nicola Millar
School Occupational Therapist