Andale School embraces curiosity, courage, creativity, and character. We develop an active, customised learning program for each student’s unique needs. Our learning program develops independence, adaptability, resilience, confidence and much more.

We develop Individual Learning Plans for each student, taking into account each child’s strengths and setting achievable yet challenging goals. Plans are assessed and amended throughout the year, in consultation with parents, teaching staff and allied health professionals.

Andale uses a series of testing methods to assess each student’s learning requirements and progress. Work samples, as well as student observations at work and play, provide our staff with valuable insights into a student’s attitudes, understanding and learning motivation.

We strongly believe that children learn best when they are actively involved in a range of authentic and positive learning experiences.

An Andale education is an incredible gift.

Andale staff are motivating, engaging, and enormously skilled at unlocking student potential; their unique, multidisciplinary approach encourages student curiosity and confidence. Most importantly, staff encourage students to be themselves, and celebrate every achievement.


Each student is challenged and supported as they progress through the school. Andale students thrive in the classroom, in the playground, and within the school community. And all this within a climate of trust, respect, cooperation, and courtesy.

Dr Sylvia Walton AO

M A, Dip Ed (Syd), Ed D (hc LTU), B Ed (LTU), FAICD




Perceptual Motor Program

Integrated Studies


Social Skills

Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy

School Psychologist

Kitchen Garden Program

Physical Education


Creative Arts

Students at our school experience a range of learning difficulties, such as auditory processing, motor skills, language comprehension and social interaction. The curriculum we offer addresses these areas with Individual Learning Plans.

At Andale, we follow the Victorian Curriculum, which is modified as required for each student. Individual Learning Plans are created in conjunction with parents and specialists, such as psychologists and speech therapists. The plans provide the structure around which individual students are developed in the classroom. Goals are directly linked to the learning needs and capabilities of each student, such as social skills, reading, writing, numeracy and communication. In this way, students achieve significant educational milestones during the year.

Parents participate in regular Student Support Group (SSG) meetings, where learning goals are discussed and set. Parents receive regular academic reports based on the Victorian Curriculum Learning Standards. At any time, parents can meet and discuss progress with the class teacher, principal, speech therapist or school psychologist.

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Literacy is central to the learning and development of all students at Andale. Learning in literacy offers students opportunities to:
  • Develop the ability to listen, to understand and to respond
  • Interact and communicate effectively with others in a range of learning environments and social situations
  • Make choices, obtain information, question and be actively engaged in activities related to the curriculum
  • Develop creativity and imagination
  • Access a wide range of literature to enrich and broaden their experiences


Numeracy provides students with essential mathematical skills in Number & Algebra, Measurement & Geometry and Statistics & Probability. Numeracy provides students with tools to explore, investigate and understand the world. Opportunities to make comparisons, identify differences, investigate relationships and establish connections are embedded across the curriculum. We recognise that mathematics is an essential life skill, encouraging logical reasoning and abstract thinking.

Perceptual Motor Program

Our Perceptual Motor Program:
  • Helps students achieve a state of readiness to learn
  • Promotes neurological organisation
  • Assists students’ receptiveness to receive, interpret and respond to sensory information
  • Uses movement to assist with the development of academic and cognitive skills

Integrated Studies

Integrated Studies involves multidisciplinary programs to increase general knowledge, and projects to create, experiment and research a range of topics. Various learning approaches are used to explore topics, including inquiry-based learning, problem-based learning, and creative learning. Across the curriculum, teachers integrate these topics within the curriculum to ensure that student learning is valuable and exciting.


Andale has a 1:1 iPad program. iPads are used to provide personalised learning and education in multiple subjects. Each class is equipped with an interactive whiteboard, providing opportunities to focus lessons and encourage hands-on collaboration. Andale School has access to a range of educational subscriptions to support all areas of learning.

Social Skills

Our structured Social Skills program helps students to make and maintain friendships, develop social problem solving skills, develop an awareness of etiquette, social expectations, and social boundaries.

Our middle and senior classes attend an annual school camp. School camps are planned with consideration of students’ interests, and help to consolidate independence and social skills that have been practiced in the school environment.

Classroom Experience

Our students are supported by passionate teachers and specialist support staff who have extensive experience in Special Education. They teach with empathy and empower our students with the skills to achieve their best, to be themselves, and to unlock their potential.

Allied Health Programs

Andale School provides speech therapy, psychology, and occupational therapy services to students. These services can be accessed individually or in the classroom to support student engagement and learning.

Our school psychologist provides psychological and academic assessments as well as support for students and families.

Our speech pathologist provides programs for individuals, small groups and class groups focusing on:

  • Phonological awareness and literacy skills
  • Receptive language
  • Expressive language
  • Speech skills
  • Communication and social interaction skills
  • Fluency
  • Eating skills

Our teaching staff regularly liaise with external therapists to best address the diverse needs of our students. We recognise that a collaborative, integrated approach enhances learning outcomes.

Stephanie Alexander
Kitchen Garden Program

Our kitchen garden flourishes with garden helpers from our middle and senior classes. The garden group is kept busy tending a variety of fruits, potted herbs and a bountiful vegetable garden, developing skills in weeding, propagating, planting, and harvesting. The kitchen group uses garden produce to create delicious vegetarian meals, practising cooking, safety, and cleaning skills in our cottage kitchen.

Physical Education (PE)

Physical Education forms an essential developmental component of the curriculum for all students. PE helps our students learn the skills and rules for a wide range of sports and activities in a positive and fun environment. The program develops skills, fitness, cooperation, and sportsmanship.

Swimming lessons are conducted weekly, subject to local pool availability.


Weekly yoga sessions develop core strength, balance, relaxation, and meditation skills. Breathing techniques are developed and can be used at any time to reduce stress and anxiety. Yoga poses help to improve coordination, body awareness, and concentration.

Creative Arts

Creative Arts is a vibrant and active department within Andale that incorporates both Performance Arts, such as Music, Drama, Dance (hip-hop), and Visual Arts. Our Creative Arts program enhances both skill development and creative self expression. All students participate in regular excursions and incursions.