Emily wants to succeed, and she is motivated with every aspect of her learning. Emily loves socialising with her friends and loves to complete her tasks and activities independently.  Emily’s confidence and independence has grown in class, and she takes on many tasks without adult assistance.

Andale is a unique environment where students learn to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally.  Andale is a place where all students are accepted for who they are, and where they can experience individual success and growth.

When I see smiling students, who are engaged in enriching activities, succeeding at individual and group tasks, I see their self-confidence and growth; this makes my day.

I am Emilys teacher. I am Andale.

Andale makes my heart sing. Each day, Emily bounces into school to see her friends and she is so inspired by her teachers. She is invited to birthday parties!

I am so happy that we found Andale. Emily’s achievements, big and small, are celebrated and she is developing curiosity, excitement, and a genuine love of learning. Knowing we have chosen a school where Emily thrives provides such peace of mind.

Emily’s future is bright and she will be a success wherever her path takes her, because at Andale, Emily is encouraged to be the best she can be and to believe in herself.

I am Emily’s mum. I am Andale.

Andale is nice. It’s fun. I love being here. I have fun learning. I like being with best friends and my Teacher is lovely. I love playing soccer, playing in the sandpit and eating the food from the veggie garden! When I grow up I want to be a Police Officer or a taxi driver.

I am Emily. I am Andale.

Andale’s a good school, where I can build my cars. I love digging in the sandpit, and doing kitchen garden – getting all the weeds out! I like learning to read. And playing outside! When I grow up I want to be a builder. I really like it when Justin comes out to the playground and plays basketball with me.

I am Hugo. I am Andale.

Andale is a community like no other, and provides an incredible place for both children and their families to thrive. Hugo belongs at Andale, and loves going to school. He loves his teacher and all of the activities Andale offers.

I know Hugo has the support and care that he needs.  I am happy to drop him off and have peace of mind that his day is full of friends, fun and learning. He has a well-rounded education in a supportive environment.

Hugo is self-confident, social and happy.  Hugo is living his best life at Andale and is allowed to dream big about his future. He is developing friendships that will last a lifetime, and curiosity and desire to explore the world as an adult. As a parent, I couldn’t ask for more.

I am Hugo’s Mum. I am Andale.

Andale provides each student with an opportunity to reach their true potential, and Hugo is doing just that!

I see him connecting with friends more than ever, and he throws himself into everything the school has to offer. Hugo is making great progress with reading and writing, and he loves playing maths games to develop his numeracy.

Hugo’s confidence is growing each day, and he has such a positive attitude towards his learning. I love seeing Hugo and his classmates celebrate their successes with each other.  Teaching at Andale is extremely rewarding.

I am Hugo’s Teacher. I am Andale.

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