Education Empowered

Andale School redefines what it means to be different. Andale is an inclusive, collaborative and nurturing learning environment in which every child can be themselves – extraordinary.

We are Andale

Established in 1981, Andale School is an inclusively independent learning environment. Our vision is to develop unique Australian children, by embracing their differences and challenges, and empowering them with education and inclusion. Andale redefines what it means to be different.

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Education Empowered

Our differences are what makes Andale unique. Andale School redefines the traditional learning environment by providing individual, customised learning for children with language and learning challenges.

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Inclusively Independent

We unpack mainstream expectations and discover the uniqueness of our students to help them grow, learn and develop. We provide a sense of belonging. We offer a safe, supportive environment, breaking down barriers and building trust and confidence. Andale is inclusively independent.

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Andale is nice. It’s fun. I love being here. I have fun learning. I like being with best friends and my Teacher is lovely. I love playing soccer, playing in the sandpit and eating the food from the veggie garden! When I grow up I want to be a Police Officer or a taxi driver.

I am Emily. I am Andale.

It’s a good school, where I can build my cars, where I always have a good time with my friends. I love digging in the sandpit, and doing kitchen garden – getting all the weeds out. I love spending my time working in the classroom, learning to read. And playing outside! When I grow up I want to be a builder!

I am Hugo. I am Andale.

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